These are unscripted testimonials videoed during and on completion of the Hot Yoga Doctor Pro program in 2011 – you can see for yourself just how much transformation went on!

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Here are some more – please note these are not just testimonials about people who felt good at my workshops, these are people who found tangible changes in their practice and in their lives after only spending 2 days with me!

I had a fantastic time at the workshop. The atmosphere was fun, friendly, relaxed and open, and Gabrielle and Robert did an amazing job of getting to know us individually very quickly.

One of the many insights I gained was during the partnered posture exercises. I am learning to instruct Hot Yoga. However, while I am able to see where people need adjustments in their posture, I discovered how difficult it is to actually suggest corrections or alternatives!

Gabrielle has such a natural way of assisting people with their postures. This is a quality that I certainly aspire to as a potential, future instructor. I also appreciated the way that Gabrielle was able to discuss the anatomy behind the postures and would have liked to have had more time for this, especially with regard to breathing.

I certainly learned a lot more about my own body, it’s unique flexibilities and limitations. I had a particular breakthrough with ‘Standing Head to Knee’. I always struggled with severe dizziness in this posture, even though I made sure to breathe and relax my neck and shoulders. Gabrielle’s tip … makes it much easier to extend the leg … and magically the dizziness has been greatly alleviated.

Gabrielle also made me much more aware of the importance of the shoulders in every posture. I had already watched her ‘Elbows in your back pockets’ video, but the workshop helped me to understand how to bring this concept into certain tricky postures for my tight shoulders, such as ‘Half Moon Pose’. I also learned simple techniques and alternatives to overcome the incredible shoulder discomfort I used to feel.

I definitely gained a better understanding of “locking the knee”. Gabrielle’s suggested methods for strengthening the leg in preparation for Standing Head to Knee have been invaluable and I have noticed significant improve in the strength and tone of my leg muscles. Another ‘aha’ moment for me was in Pada Hastasana.

I’m a lot more mindful of my own limitations. Also, although I have always had fun in yoga, the mood in a Bikram Yoga class can sometimes be very serious and intense. The workshop reminded me to enjoy the yoga, lighten up in the class, in the postures, in my mind and my attitude.

I have a better understanding of common mistakes, how to diagnose where I might be going wrong and how to address it. I have also found that attending the workshop has liberated my practice. I’m more aware of personal adjustments that I can make and I’ve learned that I don’t always have to respond to every instruction or challenge in the dialogue when I don’t feel my body is ready or up to it!

I’ve tried to carry through Gabrielle’s advice about posture (especially the elbows in the back pockets technique) throughout my day. I’ve also developed a greater self-awareness and am learning to let go of the ego.

Definitely, absolutely attend if you can. It’s an opportunity not to be missed! I whole-heartedly recommend a workshop or training program with Gabrielle and Robert. They both have so much advice and insight to offer. It’s fun, it’s invigorating and it’s liberating.

Brigitte de V

I came to the workshop having had about a 5 week injury lay off (leg injury – tenosynovitis in the lower leg), so was quite tentative about the ‘intensity’ of two days of yoga.

Gabrielle and Robert are awesome – such energy and life. I was able to soak in all the information and make alterations to my postures during the weekend and feel the postures in a different way. It provided me with a wealth of knowledge and re-ignited my enthusiasm for my practice

The major breakthrough for me was the fact that I don’t have to ‘try hard’ to do yoga – that I don’t have to ‘try hard’ to ENJOY my yoga, that by just being there and doing what I am able is fine and Ok and where I am at – at any given time.

My mental attitude to my practice has completely changed – the pressure to perform is off – I relax in class and I now feel a flow, a lightness and an ease that I never experienced before. I am not so driven with my practice – I never felt that I competed against the other students but I would drive myself hard to try to squeeze every single benefit out of my practice – to push myself deeper into postures (hence my injury). I now just relax and DO.

oh and I smile more in class! Oh and my postures feel that they are more graceful and elegant and therefore more complete

The sense of urgency and drive and push that I have always had (well for as long as I can remember) is gone (mostly) I feel more relaxed about life, relationships, career. I have felt more peaceful generally – that I living with more grace.

… it’s a fantastic way to deepen your understanding of your practice and also yourself – it’s also a whole lot of fun!

Jane D

I thought the session was well structured and Gabrielle was very easy to listen to and understand, and her knowledge of anatomy was very obvious which gives you confidence in what she says.

I think the biggest break through for a lot of us is that there are different ways of doing some of the Bikram poses. Generally Bikram is so incredibly structured that if you can’t do something you think theres something wrong with you not something wrong with the pose.

It was an eye opener to have Gabrielle explain that depending on problems or injuries that you have there are different ways or going into a pose that make it easier. Standing head to knee pose has been much better for me with Gabrielles recommendations.

I have 10 years of ashtanga behind me before i started Bikram so i am already a convert … I also really enjoyed her teaching on breathing, how to and the importance of doing it right.

Do it!! [Attend a workshop with Gabrielle] Your practice will improve without a doubt and you will even start to enjoy those poses that you may have hated for years because of difficulties in getting into them.

Sam F

I have begun a better practise and have started teacher training. I’m more relaxed, stronger and have more focus. IT’S A MUST…a truly magical experience. Please visit us in Hobart again soon 🙂

Angie B

I would have no problem to recommend gabriell as a course conducter (is that a word??) as I found her very enthusiastic and stimulating and knowledgable. Whitout being locked into a set way of thinking if you know what I mean. I believe any type of yoga (I think) is a very personal think and personal jorney so people should be helped on the way, helped to search and take responsibility but without being “locked into a way of thinking”.

Monika L (from Sweden)

My breakthrough was in making sure I did not strain while doing the postures. I no longer go home with my neck aching because I know how to protect it.

Gabrielle’s teaching on breathing has been of benefit in coping with the day to day stress of life.

I am a beginner yoga participant and have struggled with straining to do the postures to my maximum capacity since I started. I attended a training program with Gabrielle hoping to learn how to do the postures absolutely correctly. The program included correcting postures but so much more importantly Gabrielle’s training taught a philosophy that has changed the way I perform my yoga without strain and without feeling deflated for not being able to do the poses as well as I wish.

I feel that my focus in class has intensified since the program and I now feel a wonderful all over mental and physical glow after class.

Debbie M

I loved the opportunity to immerse myself in the detail of the class, examine and discuss the postures without just doing them way I’d always done them and the chance to hear from classmates their feelings and experiences of the class.

Discussing each posture as well as the “whole hot yoga thing” with such a vibrant group led by a real expert was a really mind-opening experience. A yoga class can be a very isolated experience and if you never challenge your own personal perceptions you can tread a very narrow path for a long time. It was good to get to know my classmates a bit too and to know that there are others in the class as hungry for more teaching as I am.

The workshop was a really intense (in a very positive way) event that felt like we were gaining the experience of many teachers in a short time with the chance to put ideas in to practice on the spot and make huge leaps of progress over the weekend. I felt incredibly energised and enthusiastic about my hot yoga future by the end of the weekend.

I had some real breakthroughs in understanding that there is more than one way to approach a posture and that it is possible to modify our approach to adjust for injury or physical restrictions. My understanding of the goal of some of the postures has really been enhanced and that makes it much easier to approach the posture in the right way

I have become much more confident in my practice and my technique has improved over all. I have been able to adjust my stance in some postures to reduce aggravation of an old injury and that has reduced my stiffness after class, which is great. I have noticed tremendous progress in the standing series, from standing head to knee onwards.

Prior to the workshop I felt I was making no progress at all in this series, even going backwards a bit! I love your approach Gabrielle, to the standing head to knee pose and I find I am so much more solid in this pose and able to hold it for much longer with better technique and less fatigue. Ditto standing bow and triangle. I feel as though my head understands what I’m trying to do so much better that the message is getting through to my body much more clearly! Once the message gets through, it’s amazing what my body can actually do!

I think the opportunity to attend an in-depth workshop at least once or twice a year would add immeasurably to anyone’s personal yoga practice. It’s easy to get set in your ways and keep repeating mistakes – this keeps you fresh! I would say DO IT NOW!

Sally C

The workshop was an enjoyable and rewarding experience. I only began Bikram in February this year and wish everyday I’d discovered it ten years ago. this workshop came at an opportune time for me – I knew a little about each posture, but too entrenched in my practice to be able to learn more and undo bad habits!

The workshop had a welcoming, professional feel to it, lead with energy and a clear structure. There was time to sit and listen, time to try out and plenty of opportunity to ask questions and advice. An added bonus was getting to know other students who you see in passing but rarely have time to chat to during the normal week.

There seems to be a place in each posture that once you reach this point it just seems to work, click – not necessarily easier but the body/muscles seem to like being there – does that make sense?? Often it was about breathing and since the workshop I have focussed on breathing steadily in and out through my nose only and this helps to not only keep steady my energy and lessen the ‘too hot’ feeling, but now I hardly think about it, my mind seems freed up to look at and focus on form, balance etc.

Whether or not you see yourself as a regular bikram attendee, the knowledge you gain about care of your neck, back, your posture, balance is a life long asset. Even to those who have done many classes, having someone suggests an alternative, a realignment, a slightly different way into and out of postures is of great value. I would enrol in the next workshop immediately, and be more than happy to fly to somewhere to undertake more training…..:)

Thank you for coming to Hobart! Your knowledge, encouragement and genuine warmth made the weekend a pleasure to be part of.

Tammy G

i only went for 1 day should of gone to both / a great way to learn

a really nice person a well run workshop helpful fun i would definately go again hope she runs another one

Darren G

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