Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions for the
Hot Yoga Doctor Pro 200
Teacher Training Program

Please note that all prices referred to on this page are in US dollars.

Your participation on this program depends on you …

  1. Paying your $600 Deposit, and
  2. Completing and submitting your application form (and then your photo when you’re accepted)
  3. Paying the balance of the tuition component, and full payment of the food and accommodation component.

To fill out your application form

  • You will find your application form in your inbox after your Deposit is paid. However with the varying reliability of the internet, please allow up to 30 minutes.
  • Paying your deposit of $600 will trigger an email to you that will provide you a link to your online application form.
  • Please fill out your application form and submit it in completion, as soon as possible. We request that your application form is finished within 2 days of receipt with a maximum of 7 days. This will help us process your application in a timely manner.
  • Applications will be considered on a first come first served basis (priority triggered by submission of the completed form).

Please read about your Deposit here

  • A $600 deposit is payable in all cases.
  • The Deposit is a non-refundable amount. It is refundable if your application is not accepted.
  • In the Application form you will find a section where you can nominate the manner in which you intend to settle your balance: Either by lump sum or by installment. For the sake of clarity, we simply ask you to nominate your preferred option so we can work with your commitment.
  • You will be able to choose an automatic 4 payment installment plan or a lump sum payment.

Please read about the Application form here

  • Your completed form is an essential part of your application process.
  • This form is mostly multiple choice so you can run through it fairly quickly.
  • There are a small number of questions which will require your individual response in typewritten form!
  • The entire form should take you between 20-60 minutes to fill out depending on the length and detail of your individually composed responses to the 2 relevant questions.

Paying for Tuition and Accommodation Fees

Course fees consist of two separate fees:

  1. Your Tuition Fee paid to the Hot Yoga Doctor
  2. Your Accommodation Fee paid directly to Pura Vida

See below for the process to follow for each.

Tuition fees

  • You will make your tuition fees payable through online avenues. If for some reason you have difficulties or need a special arrangement please contact Robert at help@hotyogadoctor.com . He can help troubleshoot any technical difficulties. We are also able to take Credit Card payments over the phone by special arrangement only.
  • Once your Deposit is made and your application is accepted you will either pay your balance in one lump sum or pay in installments depending on the offer to which you have responded. Details and links for various payment options are in the attendees section of the website and are viewable after your application has been accepted.

Tuition fees in installments

  • The 4 payment installment plans are available to anyone who makes their first payment ON or BEFORE January 15, 2012.
  • Participants who would like to have an installment plan need to contact us directly at help@hotyogadoctor.com.
  • The system of installment payments will require you to submit your details ONLY ONE TIME. After that your agreed and contracted payments will continue to be made until your balance is paid in full, without further need for your attention.
  • If you don’t make your payments on time (if your card is canceled) or if you cancel your payments then you may forfeit your rights to attend the program. Please phone or contact us immediately if you become aware of any issues with your payments.

Please contact us directly if you need to discuss your needs!

Paying for your accommodation (your relationship with the venue)

  • The Deposit of $600 and its associated Application form is applied only to the Tuition component of the Program.
  • Your Accommodation component is a separate fee and is made directly to the venue.
  • All participants must stay at the venue with the entire group.
  • Your food and lodging is part of your accommodation fee. You will deal directly with Pura Vida Spa for all accommodation matters. The resort will request a deposit to reserve your first choice of room.
  • We have negotiated a special price for your stay.
  • On acceptance of your application fee, we will issue you with a unique code with which you will contact the venue and organize your accommodation payment.
  • It is advised that you complete your payment to the venue by March 19 2012. There will of course be exceptions to this for those who make a late application.
  • Refunds from the venue are between you and the venue BUT I would like to point out that you are eligible for a full refund from the venue for your accommodation fee only up until April 19 2012. There will be no refund after this date but the value of your stay is usable for 12 months at any of the resort’s 3 properties. Please discuss the resort’s terms and conditions with them directly!

Please read about refunds here

The course (tuition) deposit is $600 and is non-refundable on your acceptance into the program. Up until March 19 2012 the balance of any tuition fees paid are totally refundable. After March 19 tuition fees are totally non-refundable.

Required reading of Hot Yoga MasterClass

  • The teachings and approach in the “Hot Yoga MasterClass” Manual are fundamental to your development as a Hot Yoga Doctor Pro Teacher. As such it is essential for you to have your own copy of “Hot Yoga MasterClass”. If you already have your own copy please let us know – perhaps you still have your payment notification or can supply us with some details for verification.
  • You must bring your Hot Yoga MasterClass Manual to Costa Rica with you.
  • Either 1 copy of Hot Yoga MasterClass OR 5 Pose Tutorial DVDs are included in the tuition price of the program. You may only choose the Pose Tutorials if you already have the Manual.
  • After payment of your Application fee and once we have received notification from Pura Vida Resort that you have initiated the reservation process, we will send you your copy of the Hot Yoga MasterClass manual.
  • If you apply for a tuition fee refund after having received your highly discounted materials then we reserve the right to deduct up to the full retail price (of discounted materials received) from your refunded amount.
  • Refunds will not be given on the Manual or Pose Tutorials received prior to the program.

Existing Hot Yoga MasterClass Owner?

If you own the Hot Yoga MasterClass already, and you’re coming to Costa Rica and you want the Pose Tutorial DVDs instead, here’s our special offer to you!

  • If you already own a copy of the Hot Yoga MasterClass and you are happy to bring that copy to Costa Rica then we will offer you one of the 3 bundles of Pose Tutorials.

Other required reading or viewing

  • There will be one product that we want you to own (and you’ll receive it as our gift once your application is approved and accepted).
  • During the months prior to training we will send you a list of books that you may choose to read prior to or after the program.
  • Any other books and videos that we recommend are not required reading and you can simply borrow or buy, your choice.
  • We will keep you posted!
  • Binders and program materials will be provided at the venue at the start of the course. (Remember: You must bring your own copy of Hot Yoga MasterClass which may be part of your tuition payment!)

You can benefit, to the tune of $250, by bringing a friend

Life’s experiences are better when shared. Now, although you’ll make wonderful and possibly lifelong friends in Costa Rica, you may also want to come with one of your existing friends!

  • Valued at up to $250 each (maximum redemption per person), when you bring a friend both of you will receive a $250 amount given back to you.
  • We will give this to you after graduation.
  • *Your $250 gift is subject to upholding the ethical, behavioural and other guidelines that you sign as a part of the Application process.

If you have any further questions, please check the FAQ section. If you find your questions still need further clarification, please contact us at help@hotyogadoctor.com.

Thank you!


Gabrielle and Robert