Two ways struggle can define your practice …

by Gabrielle on September 18, 2010

It’s a continuing story … So guess what? I actually had a great live Skype conversation with JT (Bikram yoga teacher) the other day. To refresh your memory, here’s the link to the blog post called “The Dilemma of the Faithful” where you’ll read JT’s email to me: http://hotyogadoctorpro.com/the-dilemma-of-the-faithful We had a great time learning […]


I have word of a few beautiful and passionate people out there who are singing the praises of coming to Costa Rica! I am so honored I can’t tell you. My humble thanks to you for actively spreading the word. You know who you are! You said to me that there are people who want […]


The Dilemma of the Faithful

by Gabrielle on August 31, 2010

Yesterday I received an interesting email from JT in California, a Bikram Yoga Teacher. And I thought that you might like to read that email! So here it is (of course afterward I want to share with you my response): Hi Gabrielle, I have been teaching Bikram yoga for 9 months, 10-12 classes per week, […]


Video Three Is Released!

by Gabrielle on August 21, 2010

Hello again! Video 3, “Becoming A Pro” is now released and awaiting your viewing pleasure … >> http://hotyogadoctorpro.com/free-video-series-hot-yoga-doctor-pro-teacher-training-magic/becoming-a-pro As you might remember from Video 2, I promised to reveal my “bombshell”. You’ll have to watch to find out! I also recommend that you go back and watch all THREE videos and you’ll see how the […]


Video Two Is Released!

by Gabrielle on August 17, 2010

Hi again! In this 26+ minute Free Video, “Mapping Your Class“, I give you my own pose instruction formula which includes specific techniques for managing the flow, nesting your chunks even further – and learning just how to remember what to do every step of the way! Watch it here: >> http://hotyogadoctorpro.com/free-video-series-hot-yoga-doctor-pro-teacher-training-magic/mapping-your-class As always, I’d […]


Video One Is Released!

by Robert on August 11, 2010

Gabrielle Raiz, The Hot Yoga Doctor

Hello there! I’ve just released the FIRST in a Free Video Series all about Hot Yoga Teacher Training. Watch it here: Video One: Creating Magic And Flow! Whether you are already planning to become a Hot Yoga teacher, or are just curious, you enjoy the techniques I’ve PACKED into them! They’ll not only help you […]


New free Video Series coming soon …

July 9, 2010

If you’re interested in Hot Yoga Teacher Training – then I have some great goodies on their way to you! There are some key things you’ll want to know about Hot Yoga Teacher Training to make the right decision – even if you are never planning on teaching, but just want to “take your yoga […]

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