Can I Come To Costa Rica If I Don’t Want To Be A Teacher?

by Gabrielle on September 1, 2010

I have word of a few beautiful and passionate people out there who are singing the praises of coming to Costa Rica!

I am so honored I can’t tell you. My humble thanks to you for actively spreading the word. You know who you are!

You said to me that there are people who want to come that would love to be in Costa Rica but are not necessarily wanting to teach… So in response to that I wanted to put something together to answer the questions that are clearly on a lot of people’s minds.

So is the training only aimed at people who want to teach?

Well, basically as I explained in my video series, not everybody who goes to any teacher training actually goes on to teach. In fact some open their own studios, others teach at one or more studios, some full time, some part time, some occasional and some never. The process of learning to teach simply becomes part of their journey and that journey is different for everyone.

Did you realize that the fastest way to improve on any skill that you already have is to learn to teach it?

So when you stir into the mix, a very practical skill or application such as hot yoga, in order to teach it you pretty much have to understand your own practice: And that means the inside out of the poses, the techniques, the mistakes, the fixes, the modifications, the generalized yoga principles that apply to all or most poses and then particular techniques too. And so when you go to our teacher training program, you end up with an understanding so deep that you surpass what you could learn on any yoga centric retreat.

The fact that that we’re using Generative Learning™ as the adult learning methodology, guarantees a full immersion experience by virtue of its interactive and experiential nature. The main sticking point that I could see for someone who really has no aspiration to teach is that some of the sessions – on being a confident and articulate facilitator and some sessions where an attendee would be invited to speak in front of the entire group – might be:

a)    something they don’t wish to participate in and

b)    something that paralyzes them with fear and could even cause them to run a mile in similar situations.

So as a result there are really 3 alternatives here:

1)    Treat your fear or challenge or obstacle as a stretch! Go for it and take whatever learning that comes. In the same way that you would enjoy the fear and the thrill of white water rafting, learning your teaching skills could be considered as a challenge that contributes to your personal development.

We will of course provide support and we have systems and processes that can even make the most nervous person become a confident presenter. And it is never really harder than getting over that very first barrier!

2)    You could opt out of being nominated for full group teaching practice. But I would strongly recommend that every attendee participates in the small group teaching practice sessions. There are only great reasons for this: For the camaraderie and connection, and the wonderful learning that you can internalize and take away. Because as I said above, the way to really deepen your knowledge of a subject is to learn how to teach it, and there’s no safer and more supportive environment than this.

3)    You could come and choose to participate only in the sessions that are about the practice of yoga, and opt out of the sessions that are about the practice of teaching (ie those that are not about the practice of yoga). But, and this is a big but: Because of the way that generative sessions are structured you’re actually going to find it difficult to work out which sessions these are! 😉 Where it IS actually possible to distinguish the difference (!), we will gladly provide alternative activities for hands on learning.

4)    And before you ask, 🙂 the cost of tuition will be the same!

If you have any questions go and check out our newly reorganized FAQs. If you still have a question that’s unanswered then contact me using the form on the Contact Us page and we can continue by email and even arrange for me to call you! As always Robert and I are always happy to help. So just ask!


Gabrielle 🙂


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Irene Hunold October 10, 2012 at 12:10 pm

Hello Gabrielle,
What will be the dates of the 2013-Teacher-Training?? I am from Switzerland, speaking German, I am 64 years old, I have been a jounalist for 35 years, wirting for a newspaper, I was a primary school teacher at first, I am a mother of six grown up children, I want to improve my practice, but I don’t want to teach… with kind regards Irène


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