To be a great teacher you don’t need a flexible body with a deep practice.

Heart of YogaWhat you need is what I call an “ideal practice”. One that has strong foundations, something you can base your teaching on. It doesn’t actually matter if you’re ‘stiff as a board’.

Teaching is a totally DIFFERENT SKILL to practising. I am going to teach you how having a strong practice will greatly enhance your skill of teaching.

Teaching is about giving your gift of presence to your students. Reciting a script does not allow you to do this. At Hot Yoga Doctor Pro I will teach you my Precision Practice Techniques. You will experience the gross and subtle changes in your own practice. With that foundation I will teach you the SKILL of teaching.

You will learn HOW to teach these techniques to ALL your students – first timers, beginners, regulars and experienced.


You will be mentored every step of the way

Here are some of the ways you will benefit from your time with us at Hot Yoga Doctor Pro:

Experiential Generative Learning

Learn experientially

The entire Hot Yoga Doctor Pro Teacher Training program is designed to teach you in the way that you learn, naturally. Not in a linear way, but by layering your knowledge with specially designed ‘experiences’. This is what we’re specialists in. It is definitely something unique in the yoga world.

Start with the most important thing: Your Teacher Identity

Yoga Teacher IdentityMost teacher trainings leave this until last. We want you to start off on the very best foot, with great confidence and a sturdy foundation. So on Day 1 and from then on you’ll unearth, discover, develop and nurture your own teacher identity.

Advanced Teaching Methodology

You’ll have detailed experiences applying hints, tips and techniques that the ‘Pros’ use in group facilitation. You’ll learn from World Class trainers, people who have had success in more than just the yoga world.

Precision Pose Techniques

These form one of the cornerstones of your practice AND teaching style. It is an integrated approach that will reliably help you teach students of all ability, flexibility and experience. It is what the Hot Yoga Doctor’s reputation is built upon. I will mentor you in these techniques.

These will include Pose considerations, Modifications, Understanding of pose mistakes and how to fix those pose errors and most importantly how to teach to avoid them so that you’ll rarely ever see the errors that hold back most yoga students.

Modifications, Precision Pose Techniques

The Art of Language and Observation Skills

All these skills are essential to running an effective yoga class. From Day 1, you’ll be teaching and honing your skills. We’ll layer them in so that you take them on in a seamless way.

Holistic Health

We’ll look at health, and take you back to some important truths that have been lost in the modern world of ‘nutritionism’. We’ll debunk some common misconceptions of modern medicine. We’ll also examine your role as a health facilitator.

Practical Yoga History, Philosophy and Lifestyle Concepts

How you can teach and experience what’s relevant in our modern lifestyle. We will sweep in concepts such as the practice of meditation, ahimsa, yamas and niyamas and more. We will experience and learn how to bring even more joy to our own lives and those of others.

Ethics and the Business of Yoga

You’ll cover: Being a yoga teacher in someone else’s studio, Running a yoga studio, Welcoming and nurturing your new students, Taking care of everyone appropriately. And we’ll look at your role as a yoga teacher!

Join us, enrich and transform your life!

Hot Yoga Doctor Pro 200 will make you a better student for sure, but more importantly, you’ll learn the skills and be mentored on your journey to be a world class teacher.

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Some useful gifts for you to get you started

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  • If you already own the manual, you can of course use your second copy for marking or making notes in, while we’re together. But, if you don’t want a second copy we’ll send you 5 Pose Tutorials instead. It’s an all round great deal!

Hot Yoga Doctor Pro 200 Certification

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