4 Weeks Full-Time Tuition is $4,397

  • Your tuition fee is $4,397Yoga Paradise
  • Your tuition fee includes onsite course materials, mentoring and support, daily yoga needs (mats and towels), classes and workshops.
  • Your tuition fees also include all this:
    • All onsite course materials
    • Mentoring and support
    • Daily yoga needs (mats and towels and of course a hot yoga room!)
    • Classes
    • Yoga workshops (to discover poses, philosophy, lifestyle and so much more)
    • Yoga teaching workshops and supervised teaching practice (plenty of it!)
    • One copy of the Hot Yoga MasterClass 304 page hard cover manual. You MUST bring your copy with you to Costa Rica. You may own a copy already so see below.
    • One set of Yoga Anatomy DVDs to give you a grounding in practical anatomy. These must be viewed before you arrive. The Hot Yoga Doctor approach to anatomy is extremely practical and doesn’t involve lots of anatomical terms. It’s more movement and functionally based. It will all come together beautifully when we discover the poses and approach practical and pose anatomy and physiology during the program.

How It Works

  • Once your application is accepted we’ll send you your Yoga Anatomy DVDs.
  • Once we are notified by Pura Vida that you have contacted them to arrange your accommodation we’ll send you your own copy of the Hot Yoga MasterClass manual.
  • If you already own the Hot Yoga MasterClass manual, you could use your second copy for marking or making notes in, while we’re together. However if you don’t want a second copy we’ll send you a special pack of Pose Tutorials instead. The packs are comprised of 5+ in depth Pose Tutorials that have a retail value of around $175.
  • Once your application is accepted, your $600 deposit becomes non-refundable. The Anatomy DVDs and Manual (or Pose Tutorial) bonuses are non-returnable and non-refundable.

Accommodation & Organic Meals

Prices start at $2,299 for 4 weeks, twin share!

  • You’ll enjoy the pool, jazuzzi and watsu (water/shiatsu) tubs, pleasant rejuvenating strolls in the landscaped gardens with district views of Alajuela, coffee plantations and rainforests
  • Twin share rooms range from $2,299 to $3,499 to Deluxe Level
  • Suites and single accommodation available for slightly more.
  • You’ll be nurtured with 3 healthy organic delicious meals freshly prepared daily with love and the finest ingredients!

Total Course Cost

Outside of your travel, the total cost of your 4 week 200 Hour Course, with all meals and onsite materials starts from $6,696! Remember ALL your food (organic, healthy and so delicious I can’t wait to get back) is included. There are even free in between meals food and drink included. That’s an enormous weight and expense already handled. You’ll only need pocket money.

Pura Vida Dining

Here’s how to secure your place:

  1. To Apply please pay $600 and your Application fee.
  2. Then fill out your Application form (link will be delivered to your Inbox!)
  3. Your application fee remains completely refundable until you are accepted on the course.

Apply Now!

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