Hot Yoga Doctor Code of Ethics

On this page you’ll find the Code Of Ethics and your assurances to me concerning your behavior and your training commitment.

As a participant you acknowledged acceptance of these terms in your Application Form submitted in order for you to be accepted on the Hot Yoga Doctor Pro 200 Teacher Training Program.

If you are not yet a participant, you will be asked to review and accept these ‘terms’ in order to attend the course!

Your assurances to me concerning information

I hereby declare that all the information I have provided you is honestly answered, contains verifiable facts, indicates my real interests, a true account of my health, my experience and my intentions. I am here to better my personal and teaching skills and my asana practice. I have no other agenda. I understand that providing any false information is sufficient for my application to be rejected. Further I realize that should my information be incorrect that I risk being excluded from the program and may not be eligible for receiving my certification.

Your assurances to me regarding your training commitment

I am committed to attending the Hot Yoga Doctor Pro200 teacher training course starting in May 19, 2012 in Costa Rica. I understand that I must make every effort to attend every session and  every teaching module of the course. I understand that if I don’t attend all sessions I may not be able to satisfy the requirements adequately to receive my certification.

I also understand that I must hold my own levels of behavior at a high level; behaviors befitting of a yoga teacher, who seeks to uphold the principles that yoga – and those around me – ask of me. I will find ways to resolve difficulties that I experience within myself and with others. I will approach only the people who can fix any problem. I will seek solutions to problems that work for all concerned. I will ask for help when I need it. I won’t let problems fester and get out of hand. I fully intend to use the best of my skills to stay equanimous and curious and open to learning new things!

I will NOT take any illicit drugs of any kind during the training. If I have prescription drugs or need mild analgesics then I will take those only as required. I promise to let the student liaison team member know if I am taking any medication that is not currently prescribed to me (in the form of mild analgesics), and I continue to take them for more than a continuous period of 2 days.

I will make sure that I eat well, sleep well, rest and recover well so that I can contribute at 100% of my ability for 100% of the course.

I understand that if a situation cannot be satisfactorily resolved that Gabrielle may ask me to leave the program. This would happen if my behavior is inappropriate, unethical or violates this agreement or the Yoga Alliance or Hot Yoga Doctor ethical guidelines (which are printed below) and also includes those that may be agreed upon at the Teacher Training Course. I will do my best to maintain appropriate behavior in all aspects of my participation and understand in the unlikely situation where expulsion is necessary that there will be no refunded portion of tuition or accommodation fees.

Concerning Photos, Videos, Recording, Permissions, Blogging and Web Publishing

As a participant, I agree that any photos or videos produced by Hot Yoga Doctor may be distributed without limitation through any means and I shall not receive any compensation for my participation. I confirm that any and all material I provide for this program is either my own original work or has been authorized for use without any obligation to me or any third party. I also agree to the use of my name, initials or agreed combination of name and initial, my general location, my likeness, portrait or pictures, voice and biographical material about me for educational and organizational promotional purposes. I understand that discretion will always be used in revealing personal information.

I further agree that my participation in the program affords me absolutely no rights to use, ownership or copyright of any of the training materials used. I will not allow my materials to be copied or used as the basis for any training program or any other purpose other than my own personal use and betterment of teaching skills. I agree to keep these materials out of the public domain.

I release Hot Yoga Doctor and associated entities, its employees, agents, and assigns from all liability which may arise from any and/or all claims by me or any third party in connection with my participation in the program(s).

I agree not to video any sessions of training for more than 2 minutes at a time. Any video I do take is for my own personal enjoyment and private journaling of my experience. I agree to seek permission in all cases before posting any video content online and in all cases I will act appropriately and honor the response received as to whether permission is granted. Blogging is acceptable as long as behavioral and ethical considerations agreed to above are observed. In essence, it’s your opportunity to walk your talk!

Hot Yoga Doctor Code of Ethics

I have created these ethical guidelines with deference to the principles as set out in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra to put Yama and Niyama into a modern context so we can apply them to our lives as students, teacher trainees and teachers!

We are likely to discuss the preceding and following points at various times from the first week of the program at Costa Rica.

As a person, a yoga student or yoga teacher, or as a participant or graduate of Hot Yoga Doctor programs, I agree to uphold the following ideals and actions in the context of my life, and while teaching and with the high intention to connect with my fellow human beings. I endeavor to seek personal growth and make improvements in my life with the spirit of never-ending self-improvement. I agree to do this in the following areas:

  • I recognize that where I direct my thoughts and actions is important in my own circle of influence and in the wider context of the world.
  • I understand that encountering resistance in my life could be a result of some ‘story’ I have concocted in my being that may or may not be true.
  • My efforts to debunk the story and to be unattached to expectations and outcomes is essential to my path to inner peace, ease, happiness and harmony. It is the way I can explore my highest potential.
  • In self-inquiry I will first aim to acknowledge my own feelings and accept them. In understanding myself I know that instead of letting go of my thoughts, the thoughts will let go of me! That feels good.
  • I always seek to uphold the principles of ahimsa and cause no harm in deed, word or action.
  • I always seek to demonstrate patience, gentleness, humility and great listening skills, not just in connection with others but in connecting with myself.
  • In sitting with my own feelings and examining my needs I can give myself understanding. When I understand myself I am able to understand others more easily. It becomes second nature.
  • I embrace a spirit of curiosity. In doing so I do not accept what I think I know as the truth, I do not come to conclusions too quickly. I inquire, I prod, I seek to understand, I am curious. I know that the 4 most dangerous words in the English language are “I already know that”.
  • When I commit to something I do what I promise or commit to. If I can’t, I contact the person to whom I made the commitment and let them know at the earliest convenient moment the changes in the schedule, the commitment or the circumstances.
  • I will always behave professionally befitting the circumstance.
  • I will spend 5 minutes every day – it doesn’t matter when – or how often, being grateful for what I have and who I am right now. I will tell one person every single day one thing that I am grateful about!
  • I recognize that to teach and to communicate with others that what really resonates the most is when I embrace the authentic me, and represent myself with honesty, confidence and humility. I especially recognize that with my attitude of curiosity and my openness I can find something in everyone I meet and in every situation that allows me to learn more and to be more.
  • My experience of teaching yoga is not just an expression of teaching asana, it is respecting and communing with others so that they can know more of themselves. I do not consider myself a sage or a counselor, I teach with compassion and facilitate change in others and attempt to be covert and respectful at all times by using artful suggestion and inquiry rather than personal advice (unless asked for specifically). I understand and acknowledge that everyone else is on their own path and I have no right to judge that. It is a privilege to encounter my students and join them on their path.

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