As you can probably tell, we have completed 2012’s Teacher Training Program – and we had a blast!

… Which brings me to 2013. I am so honored and happy with the enormous number of inquiries for applications to the 2013 training. I am getting dozens every month.

Many, many people are waiting for the announcement of the final dates!

I have some important announcements about the 2013 training. Here’s the backstory so you can really appreciate my decisions have been about you and the quality of what I commit to give. One is a personal reason. The other is a VERY important reason about the quality of the venue’s facilities.

A teacher training takes months of my time to get ready. That’s just a fact, because I take my job very, very seriously so that your process is honored. You deserve way more than being handed a few dozen pages of scripts that you have to learn and simply parrot out like a machine. The program is layered intricately so that you can get your outcomes and be a teacher not a robot. Each year I have guided dozens of people through the program and each year graduates have a high level of skill and an appreciation for teaching quality classes – a solid base on which to grow their experience.

My wonderful and adored father-in-law became sick in the middle of the year. He died a few months later. This has definitely made life challenging because my number one support, my lovely hubby, has spent 2.5 months with his family, caring for his Dad (his hero) and now staying with his Mom and being her support. This is across the globe so I have been a single mom running the household and the business.

Here’s the other reason. While I really like the staff at the resort in Costa Rica I have had to pull out of the venue. When you look at the photos of their new hot yoga room you will see that it has perhaps the most beautiful view of any hot yoga room – anywhere. Really. It is gorgeous.

I regret to say however that the heating system is not at all acceptable to me. While I would get by having a 7 day retreat and we would put up with it (just) I really cannot and WILL NOT subject anybody to those conditions for an entire month.

The heaters, while being infrared, are gas powered. This means that that are NOISY. In fact they are SO NOISY it’s like being in the a jet plane’s motor assembly. The words “like a 747 taking off” come to my mind. It’s incessant, it’s an abuse to the senses. It’s not something I will put you through.

On top of that, the heat is not consistent at all. You have to stand under one particular heater if you want ‘the heat’.

The venue charges mainland USA prices (and more) for its facilities. If it were a far less expensive place to go to, I may have thought differently about it (MAYBE). But it’s not and I will not compromise what I can offer you and I will not compromise your experience.

I am on the lookout for a new venue – if you’d like to recommend one, or are interested in having me run a program at your studio, feel free to email me anytime: info “@” (or use this “Contact Us Link)!

To stay in touch and receive announcements for 2013 and beyond … make sure you are subscribed to our updates (use the “Free Course” box above; enter your name & email) and I’ll be letting everyone know when there is more info to hand. In the meantime, almost all the information (except prices and dates of course) remains current!

OK … back to normal programming …


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