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Hi there!

I guess I’ve said this to you a few times already, but it bears repeating!!! Welcome, I’m so excited you’re here and thrilled we’ll be meeting up – and sooner than you think.

Here are some details for you regarding your accommodation.

As you may already know, you’ll be contacting Pura Vida Spa personally to make your own reservation for your time with me in May 2012. You may wonder why it’s happening like this. Well there are several good reasons.

>> You liaise with the venue personally
>> You will be more in control of your room choice
>> I can pass on the savings I negotiated for you

You will see when you go online at that their public rates are higher than those you will be charged.

Emergency Contact Information

Pura Vida resort direct phone number:
(+506) 248-300-33

The physical address:
700 metros al sur de salon Apolo 15
Pavas de Carrizal, Alajuela, Costa Rica

The mailing address:
Villas Pura Vida Retreat Center
Apartado 1112, Alajuela 4050, Costa Rica

Airport transportation

No matter how early or late you have to catch a plane, Pura Vida will always organize your trip to and from the San Jose airport. Just make sure you let the resort know about your flight details at least 2 week prior your arrival or departure. A representative will be waiting for you at the terminal exit with a sign listing your name and “PURA VIDA”.

For booking reservations

Please contact Di Chapman at (888)767-7375 ext. 225 or email her at

Your booking code is HY-Pro but if you forget that, don’t worry, she’ll know if you mention my name!

Now, the rest of this information will prepare you for when you contact Di! First up, just below here you’ll find details of the different types of rooms and at the bottom of the page you’ll find the prices for both double and single occupancy.

There are 4 room types available. You have the choice of sharing a room with someone (double occupancy rate: DO) or having the room to yourself (single occupancy rate: SO). All rooms (except for 6) have King size beds or King singles.

I will pop in a few words for you here to help you so you know what questions you’ll be quizzed on when you ring or email Di.

Room accommodations


These are 12 ‘ x 12 ‘ x 12 ‘ luxury tents with carpeted floors and use the same very comfortable beds available in all other rooms on the entire resort. No need to fear, no sleeping bags here! πŸ™‚ They have everything you need for hanging clothes and of course there’s electricity. The Tentalows are really very charming and comfortable in a great setting. These upmarket tents are located in beautiful gardens, separated for just enough privacy and give you lots of fresh mountain Costa Rican air! Can’t be bad can it? All that beautiful rainforest oxygen! You will be sharing bathroom facilities. There are ample showers and toilets. Down at the bottom of this page I have copied the resort’s FAQs on the shared bathroom facilities.

2 types of Deluxe rooms that cost the same

There are 2 types of Deluxe Rooms, Deluxe Vista and Deluxe A-Frame. They both cost the same amount. All rooms, aside from Tentalows, have their own bathrooms.

Deluxe Vista

These are in mini blocks of Deluxe apartments with a balcony complete with stunning views. You’ll also have private bathroom and a coffee maker. And you may share a wall with another Deluxe apartment.

Deluxe A-Frames

They have the exact same facilities, but are separate structures that don’t share any walls. So if a little more quiet or privacy is important to you then these are great.

Super Deluxe

These are bigger and more spacious than the Deluxe rooms, and most of these have 3 levels. They all have balconies sharing that beautiful view, but I am sure you already guessed that.

After that there are 2 types of suites

For the creme de la creme there are 2 suites called the Zendo and the Pagoda Suites. Both are for people who only want 1 King size bed. Oh, and both have their own private outdoor showers!

The Zendo Suite

The Zendo Suite has a balcony that wraps around it, with huge picture windows, wonderful views and an outdoor shower (and privacy!).

Pagoda Suite

And the Pagoda is your own private “home”; popular with honeymooners (so the resort say) because it has a sunken living room, wonderful views, king-size bed, Jacuzzi bathtub, mini-fridge, outdoor deck, and that “Bali style” outdoor shower. Needless to say that the big corner Jacuzzi is very inviting!

Here are the FAQs regarding the shared bathrooms

What are the shared bathrooms like?

In the tentalow area there are three sets of bathrooms. Each set has two showers and two toilets. The shared bathrooms are set in lush gardens, are very attractive and are conveniently nearby. These bathrooms are quite lovely and have ceramic tile floors.

How far are the shared bathrooms?

In the tentalow area the bathrooms are between 10 and 40 meters away depending on which tent you are in.

OK, now for those prices. Remember if you go online you’ll only find the publicly available prices. The prices below are lower… πŸ™‚

Remember double occupancy rate is where you share with one other person. And single occupancy is when you fly (OK, when you yoga) solo!

Room or suite

Room or Suite Double Occupancy Single Occupancy
Tentalow $2,299 $2,997
Deluxe Vista/A-Frame $3,109 $4,255
Super Deluxe $3,499 $4,987
Zendo Suite $3,947 $5,979
Pagoda Suite $4,815 $6,997

Expecting a guest?

You’ll have one day off after every 4 days of the program. This is perfect if you’re trying to work in a visit from someone you love. Just ask Di for the rates for any visiting family or friends.

Hints and tips for packing

There 7 useful tips listed below, to help you organize yourself for the BIG trip πŸ˜‰

  • 1. If you cannot decide whether you should bring ‘it’…don’t!
    If you are a traveler like my humble self, you’ll know that golden rule is: Travel Light! I promise, that you’ll make more use of a variety of shorts, singlets, T shirts, light jackets and a long sleeve top or 2 and long pants!
  • 2. Bring ALL your yoga gear!
    OK, OK! Maybe not all, but at least 6 or 7 sets! Believe me, it isn’t nice to practise in wet clothes! Yikes! There is a pretty little souvenir shop in the resort but last year they had plenty of flowing yoga gear for non-hot styles but they had no HOT yoga attire at all! So be prepared! Be sure though, that you have something a little more dressy, it’ll come in handy on the night of the graduation ceremony! πŸ˜‰
  • 3. Bring a Hat and Sun cream!
    You will be 5000 feet above sea level AND that much closer to the sun too! Well, even if you get sun burned, fear not! The staff is well prepared … hmm lets just say that if you do get burned a little at least you will discover why they keep a machete at the front desk πŸ˜‰ So be nice! Hahaha!
  • 4. Washing your yoga clothes
    There is laundry service available for $8 per load. They will give you a fairly big bag and return your clothes within 12 hours or so. Apart from that each person will be given a bucket by the resort, so everyone can hand wash and rinse their yoga clothes after a sweaty class. For that reason, it’s good to have some Travel Size Laundry Soap too!
  • 5. Treat Yourself
    Bring Chocolate! πŸ™‚ … (or whatever you fancy). It’s nice to have something you like to snack on in between sessions (above and beyond the fresh fruit that’s available 24/7). The resort will always have the dining hall’s doors open for you, however it’s nice to be able to store something in your room that you really enjoy eating! The resort shop’s selection of organic Costa Rican chocolate is frankly delicious but a little pricey if you develop an addiction πŸ˜‰ Storing a small packet of sea salt in your room/tent, can be very convenient too.
  • 6. Bring some Cash!
    Make sure you have some USD with you, it isn’t necessary to exchange Costa Rican currency! There aren’t any ATMs in the area and you wouldn’t want to waste your precious time trying to organize a ride to the nearest cash machine! You can pay by card at the resort, they accept traveler’s checks and Visa or MasterCard.
  • 7. All things Electronic (Electrical Sockets, WiFi and Phone Usage)
    Costa Rican sockets are just like the American ones and the voltage is 120V. If you are visiting from the US or from Canada, you can leave your electric converters and plug adapters at home, your appliances should work just fine!
    • Free WiFi is available in the dining hall, at the pool area and in the guest lounge!There are two things you need to consider when it comes to bringing your cell phone!
    • a. Do you have international roaming service?
      b. Are you prepared to wear the cost?

      Most American phones will work in Costa Rica but even if yours won’t by all means bring it along! If nothing else they’re great as alarm clocks.

    • If you have some kind of smart phone then we will show you a way to set up solely for wifi without being charged for cell data. Otherwise you could find yourself paying exorbitant fees unnecessarily. πŸ˜‰ (Note for AT&T users: As this provider has international roaming in Costa Rica the safest thing for you to do is contact your carrier and ask them what’s the best YOU can do!)

Gabrielle πŸ™‚


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