Gabrielle Raiz, The Hot Yoga Doctor

Hello there!

I’m Gabrielle Raiz from The Hot Yoga Doctor.

I’ve put this site together to help prospective Hot Yoga Teachers (and existing Teachers) learn more about what we think are some of the key factors in separating a “standard” class from an exceptional class, taught by an inspirational “Pro” Teacher (hence the name “Hot Yoga Doctor Pro”!).

This site is primarily about becoming a World Class Hot Yoga Teacher!

My next program is in Costa Rica, in May 2012. Why don’t you join me? When you are accepted onto my program you’ll already be on your way to becoming that World Class teacher because you’ll have access to a 3 part Video Training series designed especially attendees of the Hot Yoga Doctor Pro Teacher Training Program. You’ll also have access to other useful Hot Yoga Teacher Resources. As always, we’re happy to hear your feedback, suggestions and ideas anytime – just use the “Contact Us” link in the top menu.




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